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Do I need council approval for renovating my home?
With today’s new planning policies you may not need to go through council and still get your approval without all the headaches. Contact us to find out how
How long do council approvals take?
Council approvals normally take a minimum of 6 weeks. with the right design, this can be reduced to just 10 working days.
What else do I need to organise to build my project
Depending on your project you may need a Surveyor for mapping out your site and existing buildings, structural engineer for removing load-bearing walls and building extensions and if there are extensive external works you might need a stormwater engineer too.
Do I go to a Builder or Draftsman first
Its good to go to a draftsman first that way you can have your plans ready and approach a few different builders to quote your project once the design is complete. With a proper design you can make your will accurate prices and no surprises later on.
How long will it take before I can start building?
8 weeks is the general amount of time for a large renovation or new house. It normally takes about 2 weeks to take a design from concept to completion then between 2- 8 weeks for your approvals.
How do I know what I want will be within my budget?
We are involved in the project form start to finish. We can guide you through the types of construction methods and help select finishes and fixtures are within your budget.
How do I know what I want will get approved by council?
With our experience and knowledge, we can make sure your design will get approved right form the concept stage.

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